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Website Privacy Policy
The Baker Products Website collects certain information about users that visit us through the use of "cookies."

These cookies give the webmaster the following information:


  • Type of browser used to view the site
  • Monitor resolutions and color depth
  • What search engine was used to locate our site
  • What operating systems are used to access this site
  • If Java is enabled
  • What Java version is used
  • What language the browser is set to use.
  • If "cookies" are enabled

These statistics are used to help Baker Products evolve and provide a more compatible site for you to use. If you do not want any of the above information collected when you visit this site you must disable cookies through your internet options.

No personal information such as name, addresses, or phone numbers are obtained unless the user requests information such as literature, diagrams, videos, etc. Any personal information received is kept for our records only and will not sold or distributed to any other parties. The only exception made is when an existing client is referred to a prospect by Baker Products, only with the clients permission.

Please let us know if you have any questions.