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Baker Banding Notch Groover I
Base Price $18,320.00

Strapping products to a pallet can cause damage to both the pallet and your product. Sometimes you need more structure, such as wooden strips like the one shown above. Baker now has machines to quickly and easily make these banding strap strips. They’re called Banding Notch Groovers, and there are two versions of them.

With Version I, simply insert a board up to 10 inches wide and out comes two strips ready for packaging. Three 14-inch-diameter circular blades and two dado cutter heads do the cutting.

Version II simple makes one notch per board run through it. No ripping is done. It is fully adjustable. It will accept boards up to 8 inches wide. Either Baker Banding Notch Groover is a real value, designed for many years of operation with very low maintenance.

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