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Baker Bantam Notcher
Base Price $8,505.00

The Baker Bantam Single Notcher is the perfect machine for notching. It requires only one person to operate. By using the corner clipping attachment, it can also be used as a corner clipping machine. The Baker Bantam Single Notcher can be set up in minimal time. This machine is ideal for people in search of an economically priced, more compact notcher. To work the Baker Bantam Single Notcher, the operator first properly adjusts the board holder for setting proper notch depth. The stringer is then inserted into the board holder and manually fed into the cutter head. The board is turned around, and the same process repeated when two notches are required per stringer. With the optional nail cutting tips, this machine is well suited for those in pallet recycling. To corner clip, the operator sets the corner clipping bracket attachments to get the proper corner cut desired. The board to be corner clipped is then manually fed into the cutter head. For the person needing to notch stringers and corner-clip boards, the Baker Bantam Single Notcher is all that is needed.

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