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M412 4-Head Moulder
Base Price $14,780.00

The Baker Model M-412 Four-Side Planer/Moulder is just right for professionals who are needing an economical, compact planer and moulder unit. The M-412 features four cutting modes and 4-sided planing and moulding. It is designed for easy set up and extended use.

The Baker M-412 Planer/ Moulder’s entire table can be raised and lowered via a digital input with keypad and digital display. You can use a hand crank as a manual override. A variable feed speed allows you to plane and mould hard and soft woods.

The M-412 automatically stops whenever the top guard is opened. And, it’s equipped with three depth-of-cut control plates for the bottom cutterhead and individual motors for each moulding spindle.

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