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Log Cut-Off Slasher Saw
Base Price $85,830.00

If you are looking to cut your logs to length the easiest way possible, look no further than the Baker Circle Slasher Log Cut- Off System.

Long logs enter on a Baker 2- to 6-strand Log Infeed Deck, then fed into the Heavy-Duty Hourglass Roller Infeed Conveyor.

A single operator controls it all with centrally-located joysticks, foot pedals, and push buttons. Once the log is positioned at the desired cut-to-length point, the circular slasher-saw is lowered in a chopping action. Dual log clamps hold the material in place as the log is cut to length. All components of  the Baker Circle Slasher Log Cut-Off System including the Log Infeed Deck, Hourglass Rollers, 48” Circle Slasher Saw and other material handling conveyors can be custombuilt to your specifications.

Products specifications are subject to change without notice.