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Log Cut-Off Slasher Saw
Model Number: Log Cut-Off Slasher Saw

Height: 13 ft., 2 in. (4 m)*
Width: 40 ft. (12.2 m)*
Length: 50 ft. (15.25 m)*

*Incl. conveyors & cab

If you are looking to cut your logs to length the easiest way possible, look no further than the Baker Circle Slasher Log Cut- Off System.

Long logs enter on a Baker 2- to 6-strand Log Infeed Deck, then fed into the Heavy-Duty Hourglass Roller Infeed Conveyor.

A single operator controls it all with centrally-located joysticks, foot pedals, and push buttons. Once the log is positioned at the desired cut-to-length point, the circular slasher-saw is lowered in a chopping action. Dual log clamps hold the material in place as the log is cut to length. All components of  the Baker Circle Slasher Log Cut-Off System including the Log Infeed Deck, Hourglass Rollers, 48” Circle Slasher Saw and other material handling conveyors can be custombuilt to your specifications.

  • 48”-diameter circular saw blade will cut up to 18”-diameter logs
  • Circular blade is powered by a 50-HP (37.2kw) electric motor and is raised and lowered by a hydraulic cylinder
  • Saw and conveyors are controlled by one operator
  • Hydraulically-powered Hourglass Rollers on infeed
  • Hydraulically-powered WD11O Drag Chain on outfeed
  • Single log kick-off/transfer
  • Log length variable indicators
  • 10- to 15-HP hydraulic power pack
  • Tubular steel welded frame construction for durability and reliabilityOptional saw cab
  • Optional Log Infeed Deck
  • Optional bi-directional log discharge
  • Production Rate: Depends on target lengths cut and raw material’s quality.
  • Blade: One 48” (122cm)-diameter, 40-tooth, gulleted circular blade
  • Dimensions & Weight
    • Incl. conveyors & cab
      • Length: 50 ft (15.25m)
      • Width: 40 ft (12.2m)
      • Height: 13’2” (4m)
      • Weight: 9,000 lbs. (4,100kg)
      • Stand-alone
        • Length: 4’6” (1.37m)
        • Width: 9’6” (2.9m)
        • Height: 13’2” (4m)
        • Weight: 3,500 lbs. (1,600kg)
      • Motor: 50-HP (37.2kw) TEFC electric motor for saw
      • Electrical: All voltages available.
      • Standard: 240V or 480V, 3-phase, 60Hz.
      • Completely prewired and tested.
      • Hydraulic Power Pack: 10- to 15-HP (7.5kw to 11kw) hydraulic power pack
      • Log Diameter: Up to 18” (46cm) diameter
      • Log Lengths:
        • Minimum: 8 ft (2.44m), 2-strand deck
        • Maximum: 40 ft (12m), 6-strand deck
      • Longer lengths can be accommodated with a longer Infeed Conveyor and a wider log deck.
      • Shorter lengths can be accommodated with additional Log Infeed Conveyor strands.
      • Air-conditioned/heated operator’s control cab
      • Complete Systems
      • Log Debarker
      • Self-Dumping Steel Hoppers
      • 2- to 6-strand Log Infeed Decks
      • Extra Outfeed Bi-Directional Material Kick-Off for dividing outfeed material flow (if multiple lengths are being cut)

      Product specifications are subject to change without notice.


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